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Are you ready to create your first ebook to generate passive income or grow your email list with opt-in freebies?

With this Melyssa- Canva Ebook templates, you can create a perfect lead magnet, promote your course or even create passive income products to grow your online business. You can also cross-sell and upsell your offers inside your ebook or lead magnet with this template.



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This ebook template is Created with CANVA users in mind, this ebook template will help you save time and create a professional-looking ebook and lead magnet in minutes.

 Simply create a stunning ebook by using the drag and drop features, insert your images and write-ups, withing a few minutes, you are set to launch…


This Ebook/Lead Magnet Template Includes: 40 PAGES

  • 4 cover page template variations
  • 2 table of content page template variations
  • 3 introduction page Template
  • 3 chapter intro page variations
  • 6 Subtitle and subheading pages
  • 5 Paragraph pages templates
  • 1 Quotes page template
  • 3 resource Library page templates
  • 3 call-to-action page templates
  • 1 copyright page template
  • 2 Back cover pages Templates
  • 2 Gallery Layout Template
  • 2 Testimonial Page Template


  • Size; Us letter 8.5 x 11 in, A4 
  • quick and easy to edit
  • fully customisable text, fonts, images and colours
  • download instructions + Walkthrough video
  • ideal for bloggers who want to grow their email list or generate passive by selling ebooks

Who Can Use This Template:

Anyone who finds themselves in need of a template to create an ebook, Lead magnet or info products. Ideal for Bloggers, Digital Course Creators, Coaches and VA etc.

Please read our Terms, licensing Below

To edit and customize these templates;

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  • Upon the purchase of this template, you’ll receive a one page PDF. You can use any PDF reader to open it to access your template. Once you receive the PDF document, open it, and click the link to open your template in Canva.
  • Elements such as text, images, fonts, colours are all editable, mix and match pages, duplicate pages. Please try to play with these elements to suit your brand.
  • Please do not open the editable template on mobile devices. Use a desktop or laptop.
  • After editing, download as a PDF.
  1. Due to the digital nature of templates, all purchases made are final. There will be no refunds or exchange of items once a purchase is complete. If you have any question, please contact me via or and wait for 24-hours for a reply before making purchases to avoid conflict.
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  3. The fonts, images, and elements used in Canva templates are all available on Canva. Please note that you are purchasing the template only. The images and fonts used are properties of Canva. You may use them, or use your own images. 
  4. Some of the images or fonts may be Premium Canva elements, if you find a premium element in your template, please, you may change the image or font with your uploaded image or a free image or font available with the free Canva account or purchase a premium Canva element. All template works perfectly on free Canva.
  5. Note that all designs on the FOB Template shop are copyrighted to Faith Ola – the owner.
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